We're building the future of product.

Pommon: A mission-driven innovation lab.

At Pommon, our goal is to create products & experiences that rebuild human connection. Our current initiatives:

Beyond Digital

A modern product consultancy, reimagined for the age of AI. We bring together the best of Humans + AI to create new products & experiences for clients at a much higher efficiency. Our services range from product strategy to implementation.

Human Team

Human Team helps product & tech professionals keep their skills relevant for the future, particularly focusing on hard-to-automate "human" skills (or "soft" skills).


Reimagining the future of product work.

At Beyond Digital, we're building a modern product consultancy that brings together the best of Humans + AI. We're reimagining the entire product development process from the ground up to drive high value and efficiency for clients, while also providing a personalized experience.As a full-stack product development firm, we offer end-to-end solutions ranging from product strategy to implementation. Interested? Reach out below or send us a note at [email protected].


Helping product & tech professionals upskill for the future.

As more work is automated by AI, we believe that uniquely human skills (or "soft skills") such as collaboration, storytelling, decision-making, empathy, etc. will become increasingly critical. Our first Labs venture, Human Team, is focused on helping product and tech professionals improve these skills.

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