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Your Roadmap for Becoming a Product Manager (v1)

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Getting into product for the first time can be overwhelming. The are so many resources online, but which ones are actually good? Should you take a course or certification? How do you reach out and connect with other PMs? And by the way, what does a product manager actually do? If only someone could simplify things and just point you to what works. That's what I hope to do here. The goal of this series is to cut through the noise and provide a roadmap for people who are looking to get into product management. My hope is to only direct you to the best resources I have found. Who am I? I'm an experienced product leader with over a decade of experience in product across both startups and enterprise. I was Head of Product at BCG Digital Ventures, one of the top corporate incubators in the world and I have built and launched multiple products from 0 that now reach millions. Over the years, I have worked with top brands in industries across emerging tech, telecom, health care, fintech, and more. Bigger picture, I want to inspire more product people to work on impactful problems. My broader mission is to enable products and experiences that reduce divisiveness and bring people together. But we'll talk about how we get from here to the mission another time. For now, let's shift the focus back to you.

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